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Agricultural Services

Naturaide provides the following agricultural services:

Nutrient Management Strategy/Plan and NASM Plan preparation

Building a new barn or manure storage? Applying a NASM on your farm? If you req​uire a Nutrient Management Strategy/Plan or NASM Plan, Naturaide works with you to maximize the benefit of the nutrients produced and stored on the farm while ensuring that the environment is protected



Soil sample collection

With a short window for soil sample completion in eastern Ontario, Naturaide works to ensure your farm is bulk or zone sampled quickly, properly and in a co​st-effective manner. Normal sampling times are pre-plant spring, pre-sidedress nitrogen or after harvest. Regular soil sampling is critical to avoid fertilizer overapplication.



Minimum Distance Separation (MDS) reports

Naturaide provides Minimum Distance Separation (MDS) I and II calculations and reports for municipalities when required for proposed lots or dwellings and new and expanding livestock facilities and provides advice and solutions for each project






Fruit tree pruning

No time to complete orchard pruning? Just a few trees to trim? Contract fruit tree pruning is available from late January through March.









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