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Ecological Services
Naturaide creates simple, beautiful and biodiverse gardens (havens) using Ontario native plants that benefit birds and pollinating insects by creating or improving habitat on your property. 

Why are native plant havens so important? Because they host hundreds of species of beneficial insects that are an important part of the food chain that in turn feed birds and other wildlife. Many of our native plant species are declining and your property can offer a refuge for them, preserving their local genetic identities and providing an important educational opportunity by incorporating them in your yard.

Now booking for spring and fall 2024 haven installations!



Whether it's adding a few native plants to your existing garden, a small bed or an entire lawn to haven replacement, Naturaide will work with you to enhance or create a habitat vital to birds and pollinators, no matter the site conditions. Naturaide will also do invasive species removal and haven maintenance on request.

Native plants


Naturaide is planning to grow all its own native perennials from seed for 2024 projects, allowing for a greater selection and inventory for a variety of site conditions for client havens. Seed is purchased from reputable sources or ethically collected in small amounts from the wild within a 2 hour radius, preserving local genetic traits. Depending on species, these will be available for individual sale or bulk order - get in touch if you're looking for a certain plant! 

2024 Naturaide native plant list


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